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Journey With My Breath

“There are people who are never once aware of their breath going in and out of their body throughout their whole life.  That is how distance they live from themselves.”

​Breath is what keeps us alive and yet most of us are not fully aware of our breath.  Most adults are doing shallow breathing and not fully utilizing our lung capacity. 

Back in 2006, I was asked by a friend to try out rebirthing breathwork, a safe and powerful releasing technique using conscious connected breathing.  I was going through alot of personal struggle and challenges in those days and I was very skeptical as to how a breathing technique could change my life.

The experience that I had in the first session with my breathworker and subsequently my mentor, teacher and friend, John Stamolous, was beyond words.  I had a great emotional release and felt lighter physically and emotional after the session. What took me by surprise was how I started to think and act differently weeks after the session. Positive changes happens effortlessly once I cleared the blocks that were holding me back.

Working and mastering my breath became the main tool in my transformation journey in the next few years. My breath is my transformation tool, it took me from a low self esteem, unhappy, lost person to who I am today.  I would never imagine that I could be transformed from someone who was  so afraid to speak to people to be now doing training and facilitation internationally . That is why I am so passionate to share orgasmic breath with others.

​How we breathe is how we live, what is  your experience with your breath like?  Do share with me your own journey with your breath and remember, is never too late to start using your breath as your transformative tool.

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