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Who am I? 
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As an intimacy coach and speaker, I work with busy professional men (and women) to live an ecstatic life with breathwork, bodywork, tantra, sound therapy, laughter and coaching. I support men to expand their awareness and harness their sexual energy for healing, bliss and pleasure.

Brought up in a conservative Chinese family,  I struggled a lot with my sexuality and who I am as a woman. In fact, I used to struggle a lot with my life and has low self esteem and play small in my life.  I have always been spiritual but was never happy. I hit a low point in my life in my mid 30s and that got me on my inner work journey.  I started to remove the layers and layers of armour that I had stored in my heart and my body with breathwork, bodywork and tantra. With each layer of armour that I released, I find more joy and bliss and was able to fully embrace my sexual energy which was previously suppressed and bring out the healthy feminine and masculine side of me. 

I have been coaching and doing breathwork therapy for more than 10 years and it was only in 2015 that I was divinely guided to start working with men on their manhood challenges and supporting men to become conscious lover. It is fulfilling to see the face of my clients experiencing intense pleasure and reclaiming their confidence and power. 


My intention of engaging in this work is to support men as well as women to become more self aware, to have a healthy sexual esteem and self esteem and most importantly, to learn to harness the creative sexual energy to other areas of our life. 

Most of my clients will say I am nurturing, makes them feel at ease and has a magical touch.  I would describe myself as positive, calm, cheerful, confident and comfortable in my own skin which makes me sexy. 

My clients are international and I choose to work only with  professionals who are committed to learn and grow. I am currently based in Singapore and are available for sessions or training out of Singapore too. To contact me, write to

Do you choose Impossible or I m possible?

I prefer to believe that we live in a world of possibilities where miracles can and will happen if we believe and allow.

~ Angie Toh

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