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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I make appointment?
You may email me with your mobile number. I will usually whatsapp or text you to arrange for a day and time that will work for you.   My first appointment is usually at 9.30am (special request for earlier session can be arranged)  and last appointment 8.00pm. Minimum of 1 day in advance is required for appointment. 

Please note I do not take unscheduled phone call and all communication is only via whatsapp chat or email. 

2. Do I need to be naked?
Preferably Yes.  Be naked is to be in our natural state.  Our mind has been conditioned to link been naked to sex and there could be so much shame around our body.  We could learn to get comfortable with our natural state without linking it to just sex. Having said that, if you are not comfortable to be naked, just let me know and we will work out something together. 

3.  Can I ejaculate during the session?
Yes if that is the natural thing that your energy and body leads you to. 70% of my clients will and 28% are enjoying orgasms with no ejaculation and 2% are just feel relax from the session as their sexual energy is low or block . Do note this is not the usual hand job and I will not force an ejaculation to happen if your body does not require it.  That will be counter intuitive for your body and will do you more harm than benefits.  I will usually check in with my clients during the session to see if they need the release. 

4.  How many sessions do I need to see the benefits?
This is not a quick fix miracle pills.  Having said that, most clients see the benefits by first session with some reporting that they are able to last longer. Most will experience intense full body orgasm in first session.  Some can get into multi orgasm during first session but that does take cultivation and practice to achieve. I also have seen clients who are physically, energetically and emotionally block and can't feel much. They will need longer time to see the benefit.  For such clients, I will usually recommend after first session to focus on releasing the blocks and armour stored in their body first using my releasing orgasmic breath technique.  You may read more about that from my other website  The intensity of the session depends on how deep and consistent you breath and how willing you are to surrender and drop your awareness to your body and heart instead of living in your head. 

5. Do you accept credit card?
Cash payment or PayNow only.  If you like to pay via paypal, there will be a 3% charge. 

6.  Which service do you recommend? 
I personally find 60 min rather rush and that is only recommended if you are a regular client or you are just so short of time.  For first timer, my recommendation is the 2 hour session.  

7.  Will there be any pain?
I use gentle light stroke for the lingam and prostrate massage and there should not be any pain.  However, I do have a couple of men that felt some pain and that is because they might have trauma stored in their body or some past injuries. 

8.  Do you do outcall?
For business travellers, I do outcall to your hotel with an extra transport charge of $50. 

9.  What do I need to prepare prior to the appointment?
Nothing much except basic hygiene.  Will be great if you are shave or at least trim as i might pull your hair during the massage stroke.  I am very sensitive to smell so no strong perfume and if you are a smoker, kindly refrain from smoking just before the session. Just come with an open mind and fully let go and surrender. 

10.  Can you ensure my privacy?
All information shared during the session is private and confidential.  I will not reveal to anyone why a client is seeing me unless is required by law or to support a medical profession.  

11. Can I touch you during the session? 
Appropriate touch with boundaries set is fine during session.  However, I will encourage my client to focus within and not let me becomes a distraction. 

12. Can I bring my girlfriend/partner along for the session?
If you like to involve your lover, you may look at couples session.  This session is designed just for you only. 

13.  Can I have sex with you?
I afraid the answer is no as I am not a sex worker and I have very clear boundaries.  

14.   How much you need to know about me before the session?
I will spend at least 10 min in the beginning of the session to understand about your challenges and your intention so there is no need to share details prior to the session unless you feel a need to share. 

Ready for a session?

Email me today to secure an appointment. 

Ready for a session?

Email me today to secure an appointment. 

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