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Spread Love, Not Fear

With the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), FEAR is in the air of Singapore as well as all around the globe. This is the best time for us to go inward and focus on love rather than focusing on the chaos out there and spread fear.

We are all energy being vibrating at certain frequency.  On days when we feel good, we vibrate at a higher frequency.  On days when we are consume by guilt, shame or fear, we are vibrating at a lower frequency. In the Book, Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, he calibrated energy and emotions on a Scale of Consciousness, as illustrated in the picture here. 

Fear has a frequency of 100 and Love has a frequency of 500. When there is collective fear where everyone is worried and anxious , we are all vibrating at a low frequency.  You cannot attract into your life something that is not within your vibrational match.  Fear attracts more fear and more disaster.  However, if you focus on love, compassion and gratitude, you can spread more love to others.  It is said that just one person vibrating at the frequency of 500 can raise the vibration of over 750,000 people!! The easiest way for us to raise our own vibration is gratitude.  Everyday, make a point to think of at least 3 things you are grateful of.  When you catch yourself overwhelm with the lower energy emotions like worry, anxiety or fear; change your thoughts and start thinking about little things you can be grateful of.  Do remember to give thanks to all the medical staff as well as so many people who are working day and night to help control the virus and look after the patients. Nurture yourself, practice good hygiene and raise your vibration as well as your immune system. I pray that this current world crisis will pass soon and all beings are well and happy.

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