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What Others Are Saying

When I first came to Angie, I was a reasonable successful middle-aged man with a good job, loving family and friends. But there was always something lacking. I had developed an addiction to porn without realising it, and more specifically a dependency on ejaculating. After a day’s work, I would get excited about having some alone time to masturbate and cum watching different types of porn. But after the initial high, I would always feel down, slightly depressed and lacking energy.


Angie was the perfect antidote for this hollow feeling. She taught me about mindful masturbation, and how to not cum each time I masturbated. It’s no exaggeration to say she has transformed my life – I have more energy, no longer watch porn and feel much happier. She taught me that you can still get lots of pleasure from masturbation without ejaculating. You can really open up to Angie and she listens attentively and understands you.

~ J (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I came to Angie concerned I might have erectile dysfunction after my doctor put me on new treatment to explore if I have prostate cancer. Angie helped me realise that it was anxiety I had been holding in my body for decades that I needed to let go before I could enjoy sex freely again. Our session was one of the most intense experiences I can remember because she made me feel so safe. As guys it's hard to admit that we have a problem doing what should be the most natural thing in the world. ED cuts right to the heart of what we think it means to be a man so it needs a special woman to let all of that go. Angie did help me to let go, releasing a ton of negative energy that I have been carrying for decades. Now I know my sexual spirit can return. Can't thank you enough Angie!


~ G (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie…Good God that felt amazing. Thank you!!  

It was more about getting in touch with myself and what makes me feel free, and not worried of what I should be doing. I could feel the sensation building at the base of my spine then it starts releasing itself…making you almost shudder with pleasure. It was amazing to have the full body orgasm, much more intense and extensive than any orgasm (read as ejaculation for 99% men)… now I know …:)  I felt a variety of sensations of need, want and overwhelming desire…led to an orgasm that lasted a while, and the wave seemed to come and go over and over…Awesome:)  


~ V (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie is very calm and reassuring as she guides me to focus on my breathwork and to relax my entire body.  Thereafter, I just focus on my breathwork and surrender myself to her gentle and deliberate light touches as I slowly experienced my very first multiple orgasms. 


The orgasmic sensations just came in waves and I was totally immersed in my own world riding the powerful orgasmic waves as it swept me.  My first session was awesome as I finally discovered and understood how to achieve the big "O" without ejaculation.  

~ DM (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I was apprehensive but was driven by curiosity. Is it really possible to be multi-orgasmic? How does it feel like? Angie was able to help me feel comfortable, and through her explanations and instructions, I gradually was able to relax to a level where my limbs were loose. I gave myself to her massaging and eventually orgasmed more than once before finally ejaculating. It was rather humbling to learn about myself after so many years, and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering authentic tantric session for the first time. 

~ Mr M (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I found most of Angie's blog articles so relatable I had to book an appointment with her despite my reservations and conservative nature. I’ve been having issues for many many years. I had mixed emotions - excited, nervous, sceptical before the session.

My fears subsided within minutes of sitting in front of her. She made me feel comfortable to share my long time struggles. I felt understood. I left the session, liberated, relaxed and calm. The experience was literally out of this world. Appreciate your time, knowledge, expertise and patience. And I respect your professionalism. 


~ ST(initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Healing begins when the mind opens and accepts without judgements all that there is. Angie lives this in each breath and each touch. Leave expectations at the door and take it home later if you wish, and let her take you on a beautiful journey.  


~ JM (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Visiting you again last week was the most amazing experience that I just have to thank you. Having experienced the multi-orgasmic experience (without ejaculation), I have to say it is the most wonderful warm, fulfilling feeling ever. To feel the slow build-up and then the warm tingling sensations as the waves pass up my body is so amazing that going back to an ordinary orgasm will not be the same again. 


~ M (initial only to protect privacy of my client)  

Submit to Angie's guidance and immerse yourself into the inner-body experience that follows. Strip down the expectations and go in with an open mind towards improving your sexual presence. You will learn to cultivate a greater appreciation of the mental and sensory experience behind sex. If you’re looking to go beyond a physical relationship with your partner, as I am, and delve into a more spiritual and multi-sensory sexual experience with him/her, then you’ll find Angie’s guidance to be more than useful to awaken your sexual conscience, and hopefully impart the same to your partner. 

~ H (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

A trusted tantric healer, facilitator and coach who has been helping me get back to my best over the last three years, after a life threatening health scare. 

From the first encounter with her to today, I have looked forward to every session. The healing outcome of each session are not just immediate but resonate through the day and sometimes days. 
Comfort, confidentiality and a safe space to be yourself.

~ DS (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I believed that only women can have multi orgasmic experience during intercourse. The session with Angie proved I was wrong. I never thought orgasms can be such a whole body experience. With some guided breathing methods and touches I could sense the energy build up and its circulation on all over my body and could experience vibrant and shaking whole body orgasm more than once.


~ M (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie’s light touch and strokes arouse the sexual energy and channel it all over, and you can feel it connecting from within, because you are in the moment and not in the act, and that is what becomes the big ‘O’. It was amazing to have the full body orgasm, much more intense and extensive than any orgasm. 

~ J (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I am your typical working professional in my mid-thirties. I chanced upon Angie when I was searching for something to help me with my inconsistent ejaculation. Now, two sessions in, I can see a marked difference - both physical and mental. I am more relaxed, less stressed and don't approach love making with trepidation on whether I can last long enough. 


~ V (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I was not sure what to expect and at first was a little unclear of the distinctions between orgasm and ejaculation.  But I embraced the subject with an open mind and had a real awakening. It was astounding.  I know that cumming might not be the aim, but it was startlingly powerful when I came.  Thank you.


~ D (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I was skeptical initially. But a relaxing chat with Angie really put my mind to ease. Angie guided through the process and it was mind blowing. Never experienced such ecstasy before. For guys that want to explore, I strongly recommend to try Angie's breathing technique. 

Once again Angie, thanks for an enlightening journey. 

~ C (initial only to protect privacy of my client)  

Angie is the best.  Almost no words can describe what I felt.  She is in a league of her own. Every man should try this at least one in a lifetime. Before you know it, you are hooked on it, begging for more on this journey of discovery, ecstasy, euphoria and higher consciousness.  She is professional, attentive and understanding.  

~ S (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

In the session with Angie I was seeking something intimate where I could truly be free to slowly enjoy her guidance. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable to give myself to her process. There is something about Angie which just calms me down. Physically it's not easy to explain how it felt but it was incredible, prolonged and exquisite pleasure from head to toe. I'll be seeing her again. Afterwards I felt almost spiritually unblocked. Unforgettable.​

~ JR (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

I was not able to have an erection since my illness and had low sex drive and self esteem. To be able to have my sex drive and erection back was an incredible gift.  Thank you. Angie is an amazing healer.  I had the most profound experience in the session. Intensely pleasurable and spiritual. 


~ Mr Sin (initial only to protect the privacy of my client) 

Angie, I want to thank you for introducing the importance of breathing. Definitely felt the difference last night with my partner. I will keep reminding myself to be conscious on my breath. 

~ TT (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie has really magical touch with her. Each strokes she applied, I can sense some special waves passing from my fingertips to whole body right from the beginning . The feeling was amazing throughout my session; something can't be explained but worth to experience. Thank you Angie for wonderful experience and your time.


~ SU (initial only to protect the privacy of my client)

Angie - You made me relax and circulated the energy with breathing while you massaged my lingam. This was so pleasurable I was in a trance for a long time, with many full body orgasms. Thank you for a wonderful experience. 


~ Mr N (initial only to protect the privacy of my client) 

It's becoming quite clear how I tend to hold my breathe, especially when I'm about to cum, and how big of a difference he breathing helps with transferring the energy around the body.

~ Mr H (initial only to protect the privacy of my client) 

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