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Boosts Your Immune System With Mindful Masturbation

With the coronavirus outbreak and Singapore raised DORSCON level to Orange, I guess most of us are avoiding many places and stay home more. One of the best thing to help you to kill time and boost your immune system is MINDFUL Masturbation.

How could masturbation help boost immune system? When we experience orgasm, our body release dopamine (feel good hormone) and oxytocin ( love hormone). Oxytocin decreases cortisol, our stress hormone. In this current time where there is high level of anxiety, fear, panic, many people are experiencing high cortisol level. When you experience orgasm, you lower your stress hormone and makes you feel better. You can also read more in this article by Jaimee Bell

Having said that, I do not advocate the usual 5 minute masturbation with porn or your imagination. Instead set aside 20 minutes to an hour and practice mindful masturbation where you are present time focus connecting with your breath and feel the sensation in your body. Go slow, play with yourself and explore your body. Ejaculation is not the goal. Feeling pleasure and orgasmic energy is more important than ejaculation.

If you are not sure how to do it and yet afraid to have a session with me in person in this current time, book in for an hour of live video skype session where I will guide you through your masturbation. Whatsapp or email me for more information.

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