Multi Orgasmic Men Online Course

 Give & Receive Pleasure and Last as Long as You Wish in Bed

Time to Unleash Your Full Sexual Potential In This Pandemic

This exclusive online course is designed specially for you to learn in the comfort of your home and at your own pace with absolute privacy.  I have developed this course using the Awaken Ecstasy Methodology that I have been using for the last 5 years.


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This PRACTICAL course is designed with your busy schedule in mind. 

Average time of each module is 20 minutes and you can pace your learning. My recommendation will be not more than 2 modules every week so that you can integrate the learning with the homeplay exercises. 

12 modules of bited-sized learning

Practical homeplay activities for practice

Master the 7 Keys to Ecstasy

High Quality Video and PDF file for download

Toolkit of Different Practical Techniques

LifeTime Access of Course & 3 months of Email Support from Coach Angie



It is important to learn where we are and what we want to achieve before we officially start the learning.  You will understand the 4 stages of learning and a short exercise to review your own sexual life.

Multi Orgasmic Men Foundation

We will understand what it takes to be a Multi Orgasmic Man and demystify orgasms and ejaculation in this module.

Harnessing Sexual Energy

Understand the power of  sexual energy and how you can  circulate and transmute this sexual energy. 

Common Manhood Challenges

In this module we will look at the common challenges men faced in bed like Premature Ejaculation, Porn Addiction, Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety  and learn from the case studies how men overcome their challenges.



In this module and the next 3 modules, we are going to understand and learn how to apply the 7 Ecstasy keys to  your sexual life. In this module, you will be learning the first Key, your breath.  You will learn how your breath is the most important key to your orgasmic bliss. 

Key2 Ecstasy: 

Relaxation  & Movement

A stiff and tight body is not able to generate orgasmic bliss. In this module, we will learn techniques to relax and move so that you are able to support the expansion of your sexual energy.

Key2Ecstasy : 

Surrender & Sound

Learning to surrender and making sound can help you to create more pleasure in your body.  You will no longer be a controlled silent lover in bed once you master this two keys to ecstasy. 


Present Time Focus & Mind Power

We will learn  how to connect with your lover better by staying in the here and now when making love.  We are what we think. By harnessing  the power of your mind, you will be able  to last longer and also to attract what you desire into your life. 

Ejaculation Mastery

Imagine having 100% control over when, where and how often you ejaculate.  In this module, I will guide you through technique to strengthen your PC muscle and mindful masturbation. 

From Doing to Being

We tend to chase after goal when we masturbate or make love and ended up over-stimulate ourselves and our partner.  Learn what it is like to be instead of doing and how that can create more bliss for your lover. 

Sexual Blocks and Trauma

Sexual blocks and trauma are the biggest obstacle stopping men and women from enjoying more ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.  By understanding what could be holding you or your partner back, you will be able to reach out for professional help if the issue warrants it.

Deepening Intimacy

Now is time to put everything we have learnt together and deepen your intimacy with yourself and your partner.  You will learn what are the different types of intimacy and techniques to connect with your partner. 

I am taking away your risk by offering a 7 day Money Back Guarantee.  In the event you are not happy with the course, you have 7 days after the launch date to ask for a refund. 

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