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Awaken Ecstasy
Sexual energy is the primal and
creative energy of the universe.
All that is alive is born of sexual energy.
​~ Deepak Chopra

Awaken Ecstasy session is designed for you to be fully in the body and not from the head. You will learn how to expand and contain your sexual energy rather than expelling it through a localised genital orgasm.  You will learn how to channel your life force energy inward and upward, instead of outward and downward. You will learn how to last longer in bed, how to become a more conscious lover and how to have more pleasure and bliss. 

In the
Awaken Ecstasy session, I will be using coaching, orgasmic breath, lingam massage, sound therapy and movement to guide you to channel your sexual energy upward and inward and be fuelled by this expanded energy for your pleasure and creativity. If you are sexually suppressed or have sexual trauma, we will work on releasing the blocks or trauma.


The outcome of the session will depend on your current sexual energy and your emotional health.  You could either experience a full body orgasm or multi orgasms where your whole body vibrates with orgasmic energy just with breathing and conscious touch. Or you could be on a journey to unlearn and de-armour your body to fully embrace yourself as a sexual being. 

Prior to the session, we will agree on the boundaries so you have a safe healing space to explore.  You may go to FAQ to read more. 

Ready for a session?

Email me today to secure an appointment. 

Ready for a session?

Email me today to secure an appointment. 


Up to 1 hour

SGD 250

Up to 2 hours

SGD 330

Up to 3 hours

SGD 450

Up to 5 hours

SGD 650

For lst timer, i will recommend the up to 2 hours session.  As a therapist, I work with your energy in the moment and not a clock watcher. As such, I will not recommend you having back to back appointment after my session as sometimes, you might stay longer than the scheduled hours if there is a need.

I also conduct Awaken Ecstasy session for women. 


In addition, I am also available for couple session.  The session will be designed based on your needs as a couple.  It could be to look into any intimacy challenge both of you are facing or to learn how to give and receive both yoni and lingam massage.  

Couple Coaching Rates :

$650 per session (up to 4 hours)

Session Venue
Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 2.53.31 PM.png

The session will be held in my sanctuary set up specially for my clients.  It is located near Paya Lebar MRT. It is a safe, private space for clients to explore and go deep within themselves.  All information shared in session is private and confidential. 


This will be a safely held space with authentic consent and all boundaries honoured.

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