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Sex and Prostate Health

I happen to chance upon the above article a week ago.  Guess most of you will be thinking the same question I have in my head : "How to have sex 21 times in a month?" Time, energy, no partner, work and family commitment.... there are many reasons that are stopping us from having sex 21 times a month.

This article was based on a Harvard ejaculation study with a large group of volunteer from year 1986 till year 2000. In this study, the scientists found that compared to men who reported 4–7 ejaculations per month across their lifetimes, men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer.  Now, DO NOT start wanking off daily thinking that frequent ejaculation is good for your prostate health.  I have been sharing the harmful effect of frequent ejaculations with no orgasmic energy.  If you ejaculate 21 times in a month with no circulation of sexual energy with your breath or experience orgasms, I think the harm to your energy and body will be more than the benefit of reducing risk of prostate cancer. It is true that ejaculation is important for the benefit of prostate health and I recommend that men ejaculate at least once a month or once every two month even if you are practising non-ejaculatory orgasms . In addition to ejaculation, monthly prostate massage is important to keep your prostate healthy, especially for men above 40 years of age. I am currently searching for the right prostate massager that will be effective and safe for men to massage themselves.  Meanwhile, you can always have your prostate health taken care off in my Awaken Ecstasy Session.

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