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Where did you learn about Sex?

Where did you first learned about sex?  Usually, the answer that I got from most men would be pornography. I was reading a few months back about a ritual in native America. In the culture, young man who reaches certain age in his late teens will be assigned to a mature woman in the community (or rather he get to choose from a few mature women which one he likes to be with).  This mature woman is married and will spend a few months with the young man teaching him anything and everything he needs to know about woman's body, about intimacy and about sex.  I thought that was a beautiful ritual where young man get to be properly educated about sex instead of just watching porn to figure that out. Guess there will be lesser problem if every man and woman are given proper education in sex and intimacy rather than just learning through porn.  Nothing wrong with porn but it does create unrealistic expectations, be it around our bodies, our partners' bodies or our performance. There was saga of the orientation camp in the National University of Singapore where freshmen were asked to re-enact incestuous rape scene or asked whose bodily fluid you want to drink; this was a case of youth exposing to porn and not having any healthy outlets to release or express their sexual desires. If you are a parent, remember that children express what you suppress. If you are not comfortable or have frustrations around intimacy and sex, your children will pick them up unconsciously and sometimes act it out. 

Having a tantric ecstasy session with me is an opportunity to unlearn and relearn what you know about your body, about woman and about intimacy and just simply time to nurture yourself and relax. 

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