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The Mystery Of Sex

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a famous classic self help book that many of you are familiar with.  Are you aware that in the book, Napoleon Hill has dedicated a chapter on "The Mystery of Sex" where he talked about the transmutation of sex as the tenth step toward riches. This again remind us again the power of harnessing our sexual energy and clearing any blocks that we may have.

If we know how to channel our sexual energy, not only it gives us more intense pleasure, it also allow us to be fuelled by this energy for our creativity and spirituality.  Sex could be merely an act of instant gratification to satisfy a physical need or it could be a union of two souls and bodies with deep intimacy and connection. It could be a deep spiritual experience.

Both men and women can experience intense pleasure and bliss. And men, like women, can be multi orgasmic.  Each of us are in our own unique journey to explore our body, our sexual energy and also how to be an intimate and loving partner. Start by loving yourself unconditionally. Be aware of how you feel and connect with your body and your heart instead of staying busy in your head.

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