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Some Men Never Experience Orgasms.....

Before I go any further, let me redefine ejaculation and orgasm: Ejaculation refers to the physical release of semen involving your penis and urethra. Orgasm refers to that feeling of satisfaction/pleasure/climax. It could be a flood of pleasurable and intense energy that flows through your body. Most men will experience some orgasm when they ejaculate. Usually the orgasm will happen minutes or seconds before the ejaculation and the orgasmic energy continue even after the ejaculation. However, I have also seen many men who simply ejaculated with no orgasmic energy. There is no pleasure, no peak and no energy, just simply like a sneeze and is over within a second. At the other spectrum are the multi orgasmic men who can experience many wave or peak orgasms without ejaculating. Some have such intense experiences where they are seen screaming, pulling the sheet or my hands or their whole body are shaking in pleasure. Ejaculation with no orgasm will drain you physically and make you tried. Sadly, many men are still harming themselves by making themselves cum to release stress and tension even when there is no orgasmic energy. They are already addicted to the feeling of ejaculation and their brain and body has already been conditioned to believe that this is pleasure which is a lie. When you have intense orgasms, be it with or without ejaculation, you will feel energised, light and of course happy. Sometimes, the orgasmic feeling can last for hours. You will become more creative and clear in your head. So why is it that some men can be multi orgasmic and some can't even have an orgasm? There are many reasons and simply put it is due to suppressed emotions, blocks in our physical body, misalignment of our energy centre, addiction to ejaculation or porn and not breathing well. I like to believe that all men and women are all born to be multi orgasmic. Those who grew up exposing to the wrong sexual education or with traumatic events in life will need some unlearning and relearning to recondition their body and their mind. Once you experience what an orgasm is like, you will never be addicted to just the feeling of ejaculation. I have designed an Awaken Ecstasy Session for Men to unlearn and relearn about intimacy and ecstasy and understand their body. Remember, there are no limits to bliss and pleasure. Email me if you are keen in booking in for an experience.

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