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Multi Orgasmic Man...Really?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

It is natural and every man can become multi orgasmic with practice and cultivation. First, you must believe that you can be multi orgasmic. Your mind is extremely powerful; your intention and what you say to yourself has a big impact on your life. You create with your thoughts. Next, you must release any blocks, trauma and emotional pain memories you unconsciously stored in your body.  A wounded tight controlled body can not experience much pleasure, not to mention becoming multi orgasmic. Thirdly, you must consciously learn to breathe deep and use your breath to circulate your sexual energy upwards and inward. And last but not least, you must give up addiction to ejaculations. Those of you who get to experience orgasms with no ejaculations during my sessions will know that ejaculation is not the key to pleasure but orgasms. Too much ejaculations with no or low orgasmic energy is one of the fastest way to drain your life force and create all the sexual related challenges. 

For a start, learn to self pleasure with conscious breathing and no ejaculation. Playing with yourself is an excellent way to strengthen your genitals and your sexual energy.  However, it is recommended that you stop just before you hit the point of no return. If you allow your sexual energy to expand with conscious breath, touch and intention, the orgasmic energy will be felt. This requires you to drop your awareness inward.  If you are relying on external stimulus like porn to get yourself excited, it will be harder to direct your awareness to yourself as it can become a distraction. Porn succeeds when it takes you away from yourself, where your mind is stimulated but you are not in touch with your body sensations. Go slow and use conscious touch. Have a go to this new way of self pleasure and see where this will take you.  Of course, it is always easier to learn and experience multi orgasms in my session. Book in for your tantric ecstasy treat this month.  Email or whatsapp me to secure your slot. Love to support you soon and have an ecstatic month. 

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