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For Things to Change, First I Must Change

Most people are busy attempting to change their external world. We want to change our partner, our children, our boss, our staff, our government and even the world.  We think that our life will get better and happier when we could fix the other party.  The truth is, for things to change, first I must change. It might be true that the other party have some flaws, however, real sustainable change can and will only happen when we work within ourselves and create the change that we hope to see in others. 

If you are peaceful and calm and know how to set healthy boundaries, you will never be affected much by an unreasonable boss.  If you radiate love and compassion, your family members will feel the essence of love and they will start to respond accordingly. If you are a business leaders and want to change your company culture, start with YOU first as you are the culture of the organisation.

Every person that we meet in our life is a mirror reflection of ourselves, showing us what we need to heal or change. Instead of getting busy trying to fix other people or the world, why not work on our inner world and create the change within ourselves starting from now? True happiness and success can only happen when we create the change from within, instead of busy changing the external world.

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