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You Can Experience Multiple Orgasms !

You could be reading this because you are :

  • experiencing premature ejaculation

  • not able to maintain an erection

  • want to be a better lover

  • feeling frustrated due to lack of intimacy

  • low libido

  • suffering from performance anxiety

  • craving for more pleasure, bliss and happiness in your life

  • curious and like to learn more about tantra

  • desire to be multi orgasmic​

  • suffer from low sexual esteem and self esteem

  • addicted to masturbation or porn​

  • craving for a good lingam massage

​Whatever is your reason, welcome to this journey of self discovery and exploration here at

I am Angie, your orgasmic breath & intimacy coach based in Singapore. I support professional men to reclaim their manhood, unlearn and relearn about their body and sexuality and experience bliss and full body and or multiple orgasms. 


Can I be

Multi Orgasmic? 

Most men are not aware of the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. We use the word "cum" to describe the "orgasmic" feeling when the semen leaves the body. The truth is ejaculation and orgasm are completely two different things. There are men who might never have an orgasm after all the years of "cuming". I definitely had seen quite a number in my sessions with hundreds of men. 


Orgasm is a peak emotional and physical experience;  Ejaculation is simply a reflex that occurs at the base of the spine and results in the ejection of semen. With practice, you can learn to experience the peak feeling of orgasm without triggering the reflex of ejaculation. 

Many men are addicted to ejaculation not realising that each time you ejaculate, you are losing a part of your life force energy. That explains why you are down and out and might doze off to sleep after you have your release. Top athletes and boxers will avoid having sex the night before competition as they know that ejaculation will drain their energy and internal power. In China, doctors long ago saw what the French call la petite mort – "the little death" of ejaculation – as an avoidable betrayal of male pleasure and a dangerous depletion of male vitality. However many men are allowing themselves to ejaculate almost daily through masturbation. Most men think that masturbation helps to release stress. The truth is how men usually masturbate could lead to addiction to ejaculation and even premature ejaculation. 

It is possible for men to be multi orgasmic and the definition of multi orgasmic is not about going for two or more rounds of ejaculation. Usually, they will have orgasms with no release and some might have ejaculation once and wave of orgasms. Learning to be multi orgasmic requires you to be uninhibited, letting go of expectations, present time focus and breathe deep to circulate and control your sexual energy.

So in short, you can learn to be multi orgasmic with some training. Some men experience it easily, some will take longer time, it all depends on your energy, your emotional state, how connected you are with your body and your heart. 

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How I Support YOU

The Sanskrit word for penis is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." Traditionally a lingam massage involves massaging your genitals area to release any stress and tension around the area and experience pleasure.


I have designed Awaken Ecstasy session incorporating Coaching, Lingam Massage, Orgasmic Breath and Sound Therapy to support you based on your intent for the session.

If you allow yourself to breathe deep and surrender to the experience, you will  experience bliss, ecstasy and even intense full body multiple orgasms in a tantric ecstasy session.  However, if you have been desanitized due to addiction or trauma, the session will be designed to help you to slowly de-armour and start to feel your body again. 


This is no miracle pill; be it pre-mature ejaculation, porn addiction or learning to become multi-orgasmic, do not expect instant result within a session. 

The session will be held in my therapy centre near Paya Lebar with consent and all boundaries honoured. Do note that this is not a full body massage and neither is this a sex service. I respect the privacy of my clients and will never reveal information about my clients to anyone unless with your prior approval. 

Contact me to schedule your appointment.

Who Are My Clients

I work only with professional men who are willing to unlearn and relearn about sex, their body and women.

Performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, partner don't want to have sex, addiction to porn or masturbation....these are common challenges that my clients come to me for. This challenges often leads to low sexual esteem and self esteem. Man who repress or act out compulsively his sexual desires is not living a life maximising his full potential. Most time, men has no one to speak about the issue confidentially and with no judgement. Also, they are not aware that there could be a solution to their challenges. 

I also have clients who come to me as they desire to become better lover or they want to tune inward and connect deeper within themselves by harnessing their sexual energy. They are looking for deeper connection and intimacy through tantra. Some just simply curious and came with an open and adventure mind to explore. 

What Others Are Saying

I came to Angie concerned I might have erectile dysfunction after my doctor put me on new treatment to explore if I have prostate cancer. Angie helped me realise that it was anxiety I had been holding in my body for decades that I needed to let go before I could enjoy sex freely again. Our session was one of the most intense experiences I can remember because she made me feel so safe. As guys it's hard to admit that we have a problem doing what should be the most natural thing in the world. ED cuts right to the heart of what we think it means to be a man so it needs a special woman to let all of that go. Angie did help me to let go, releasing a ton of negative energy that I have been carrying for decades. Now I know my sexual spirit can return. Can't thank you enough Angie!


~ G (initial only to protect privacy of my client)  

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